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617 – The End – Naming Names


I am so glad the writers didn’t feel the need to name Smokey or the Island.  I know some people wanted that, but I couldn’t have wanted that less.

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The Island is Killing its offspring


After Daniel’s death I got the inkling of a theory: The Island appears to be killing the people who were born on it.  We know that the Island stops letting women give birth on the Island after a certain point, but it now seems as though it’s doing some retroactive killing.

Think about it, we know of six people born on the Island; Ethan, Daniel, Charlotte, Miles, Alex, and Aaron.  Out of those 6 only 2 are alive right now.  And if you recall Claire made sure that Aaron wasn’t brought back to the Island.  That leaves only Miles.  So the big question is, when will Miles die?  When I was writing my revlysis for The Variable I came to that same conclusion, that Miles was going to die, for different reasons.

This also calls into question what will happen to the Third Party if this theory is true, and the members of that group were born on the Island.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Bram and Ilana knew that they had signed up for a suicide mission, they’re the type of people who would happily die as martyrs.  That kinda leads me to my another theory, I think that Ilana and Bram are trying to find Jughead to do what Daniel couldn’t, blow up the Island.

– izi


Foreign Theories: The Island NEEDS its Constant


This is a great way of thinking about what’s happening on the show, I wish I had though of it.  By treating the island as a character you can imagine that it needs it’s Constant to come so that it can stop jumping around in time.  The writer, Tapdawg from DocArzt, tries to guesss who the Constant is, I don’t think I’d take the comparison that far.  If there is an actual Constant for the island then I’d have to agree with Ben, it’s likely all the surviving Oceanic Survivors. We’ll See.

Here’s the theory.

– izi


SDCC 08 – Other Conclusions

You might want to go back and read the Comic-Con Q & A that I posted earlier.  I’ll be referring to it a lot.  Here’s the link.  I’ll also refer to the Dharma video that I posted here.  I’ll try to go through the questions in the order they were asked.

Q: When the hatch imploded and the sky turned purple did the island move then? Like it did when Ben moved it (more recently)?
Damon Lindeloff: No. But something happened and that’s an excellent question.

I would have never thought of this question, but it really is clever.  A pretty obvious answer though.

Q: Are Jin and Locke dead?
Carlton Cuse:
Jin and Locke will still be on the show in some form. You’ve not seen the last of either of those characters. You know, dead is a relative term. In the timelines of those characters there’s still a lot of story to be told.

I can see how people might think this is proof that Jin and Locke are only going to show up only in flashbacks or something like this.  I think that this was only cover for the actors to go back to work on the show.  If they had said yes they are dead, and then we heard Daniel Day Kim was shooting a scene, we would have obviously made a big deal about it.  Now it will seem normal.  I’m still sticking with my theory that Daniel will rescue Jin.

Q: Are we going to get a (Danielle Rousseau) flashback? Will you definitively say in front of 6,500 of us that there will be one?
We will say this: You will see Rousseau’s story. But to use the word flashback would be disingenuous. We’re going to do flashbacks and flash-forwards next season, but we’ll mostly be doing something different.
DL: Danielle Rousseau will be in Season Five.

This is some of the most exciting news ever.  But seeing Rousseau’s story will be different from having a Rousseau story.  It is possible that we might see the story from Ben’s perspective.  It was said that he rescued Alex from an insane woman, It sounds as if he was pretty involved in the story.  I also think this answer implies that there will be a change in the format of the show, but I’ll talk about that later.

Q: Now that the island has moved, what happened to the survivors and Daniel Faraday?
You refer to the Zodiac boat and the non-line speakers, right? Sadly, there is a monsoon a comin’ for some…

I believe that this is an implication that the non-speaking red-shirts will die.  I have no doubt that Daniel is still safe though.

Q: Flash-forwards, how are you going to limit yourselves?
DL: When Season Five starts, you won’t know where and when you are. The way we’re gonna tell stories is gonna be different too.
CC: We organized a bit differently; if we were constrained by FF and FB that that was not gonna be the best way to tell our stories.

Right after we all watched Jack’s first flashforward we all knew that they couldn’t do flashforwards forever.  This is even more obvious now, at the end of season 4.  It sounds to me as if each episode will be a different time period and they’ll do away with flashes.  Maybe they’ll have an episode in 2007, then and episode in 2004, and then one in 1975.  Who knows, that is a pretty epic change in the format.

Q: How old is Richard Alpert and how many toes does he have?
That’s a really good question. He is quite old. We’ve hinted that people age differently on the island and people heal. That is hopefully an engaging mystery that will keep you tuning in. You will learn more about Richard Alpert.
DL: You’re gonna see his toes too.

They purposefully kept this question until the end, therefore I think it was more important than it appears.  Now that Cane is cancelled Nestor Carbonell is completely free to join the cast of Lost, so that means we may actually get Richard flashbacks, which would be very interesting.

On to the Dharma video.  I dug up a lot of it on Tuesday, but I mostly focussed on the Daniel part of it because Daniel is my favorite character and I really wanted to get the scoop on that before anyone else.  But there’s more to say.

First of all I think that the baby crying is Miles, that seems extraordinarily obvious, some people seem to think that I believe it is Charlotte, I definitely don’t.  Pierre refers to it as him, so, yeah.. I don’t think I need to explain that.

I tried to look up the Kerr metric solution and the Einstein field equation, but now my head hurts and I didn’t retain any information from the last hour of my life, so I don’t have anything to say about that jazz.  (Some times I think the writers of Lost just want to make me learn stuff, tsk, so unthoughtful.)

Here’s an obvious question, what was the purpose of the video?  I think that the answer is jsut as obvious, the video is meant to be a recruiting aid for the new Dharma iniative.  I believe Pierre is asking Daniel to film it as a favor, unfortunetly not even Pierre fully knows what he is doing.  He keeps on asking us to change hte past and save them.  Daniel, being from the future and flashing back, knows that this is impossible so he keeps on saying that, “It’s useless”.  I don’t understand what he was talking about when he mentioned the “pinhole”, I looked up pinhole and time travel and again, the same results, a headache and a mysterious hour missing from my life.

– Izi


Foreign Theories: Garden of Eden Theory

I especially like this theory because it explains Smokey so well.  What it says is that The Island is the Garden of Eden.  After Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Bad they were banished from the garden, then god placed a Cherub in front of the garden as a guard.  It was his job to prevent sinful humans from entering the garden.  After a short period of time The Garden of Eden was lost, possibly hidden by god.

These two theories say that the Island is the Garden of Eden and that Smokey is the Cherub, as the Cherub he is the guardian or security system of the island. This theory also explains why Richard can live forever on the island and why illnesses and disabilities are cured.  There is lots more proof, take a look if you are interested.

1st Theory

2nd Theory

– Izi


104 – Walkabout


Locke -centric episode.  Some people say this episode was the one that hooked them to the show.  Obviously the twist, that Locke was in a wheelchair, was very dramatic.  But when I remember these first few episodes, this one didn’t really stand out.

I completely underestimated this episode.  The fact that the general public thinks this episode is wonderful made me think that it therefore must be pretty average.  But this is the kind of episode that I love.  It is almost all mythology hidden under character development.  On the outside everyone remembers Locke being able to walk again.  What we forget is all the crazy stuff that happens in between.  Things like: Locke seeing Smokey, Jack seeing Christian and Rose knowing that the Tailies are still alive.  Since this was such a good episode I’ll give it the old 10/10

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Foreign theories: Lost on Earth’s Mirror Matter Moon

If you thought the Time-Loop Theory was crazy, wait until you see this doozy.  (I don’t think I’ve every written such an outrageously cliched sentence that bad before.)

This theory is called: Lost on Earth’s Mirror Matter Moon, or in case that was too simple: Through the Looking Glass via Theoretical Physics.  Yep, this ones gunna be rough.

Here’s the link.  In this theory he explains how he believes The Island was formed, with the impact of a huge meteor.  There is some stuff about dark and light matter and sort of bridging matter called mirror matter, but that’s all over my head.  He also talks about Jacob.  He has found a historical figure who could possible be the basis of the character.

Also the author recommends another Mirror Matter theory here.  I completely agree with what this guy says at the end about Claire’s baby in the Pilot (part 2).  While rewatching the episodes I came to the same conclusion.  I’m posting the Revlysis tomorrow.

These guys are the heroes that are doing the real Lost theorizing.  We are all amateurs compared to them.  Oh to be an astrophysicist.

– Izi

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