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season 4 finale: the island moving (part 4)

Why did the Island Have to Move

This is a question I don’t think a lot of people are asking.  Why did Jacob want to move the island?  By the time that Ben went down into the cave, Keamy was dead, and the freighter had already exploded.  There was no danger to the island.  Charles Whidmore’s plan had failed.  Or had it?  I submit that it did not.

Let’s go through his original plan.  Get on the island capture Ben and kill anyone or everyone who gets in your way.  Also you can use the poison in The Tempest station (I think they may have even been allowed to gas the island right away, since Charles knows that Ben won’t die there is no harm in doing that.  In effect take control of the island.  They get there nothing goes right.  They are forced to go to plan B.  Plan B involves…. uh torching the island, maybe.  So they start to do plan B means going to The Orchid and uh.. hanging out.  Then Ben shows up , they take him back to the helicopter, having done nothing at the orchid, and are going to take off.  Richard comes, saves the day.  Ben goes back to The Orchid gets ready to move the island, kills Keamy, in effect blows up the freighter.  And then.. he goes back to work moving the island (??).  Why does he still want to move the island.  I doubt Jacob didn’t see this coming, I think it was pretty obvious that the Others and Ben could handle Keamy and his men.  So what’s the deal?

It could be a few things.  Maybe the island/Jacob feels threatened by being found by the freighter.  Maybe it feels it’s exposed and it needs to go hiding again.  Or maybe it knows that Penny is coming, maybe it doesn’t want anyone finding the island (here’s a thought, maybe Jacob can only recognize last names, which is why the lists always only have last names on them, so he knows a Whidmore is coming to the island and he is afraid.  You know as dumb as this theory is, it makes perfect sense).  Or maybe Jacob just wants to get rid of Ben, that’s what Ben thinks, so he is just expelling him from the island in the most damning way possible.  These are all pretty weak reasons, if you can think of any, please, comment below.

What I think is that this was Charles’ plan all along.  If plan A failed, he was going to force the island to move.  By going to The Orchid he made sure that something would happen there.  I doubt there was ever a plan to torch the island (not likely, that’s a little crude for Lost).  Or maybe there was and maybe by torching it, it would be easier to find, on satellites or something.  Maybe the whole plan was just to get back at Ben, maybe he knew that Ben would be the one who would have to turn the wheel.  If Charles is anything like Ben then this is the kind of plan he would come up with.

So that’s all I got.  At some point I want to do that post  Lost: Legacies in which I show which characters are paralleling each other, for example how Locke is becoming Ben and Ben is becoming Charles, I have a big list, but that is for later.

– Izi


season 4 finale: the island moving (part 3)

Dharma Island Movement

Another important clue about moving the island is the polar bear with the Dharma collar that Charlotte found in the desert, that same desert in which Ben also appeared in.  Some people have been saying that Dharma was using the polar bears to move the donkey wheel.  This seems logical (logical in a Lost way, so still pretty illogical), if you have a very cold cave and you want to do some manual labor down there, why not chain a species who is used to cold to the object you want moved.  Two birds, one stone.  I doubt this is why there are polar bears on the island, the possibility that Dharma imported polar bears to turn a wheel is highly unlikely.  Actually a lot of this is unlikely but the evidence is pretty convincing.

Another confusing pert of the puzzle is the fact that the passage down into the donkey wheel cave was tiled over, by Dharma people.  So it’s been a while since anyone went down there, even the Dharma folks.  If Dharma was using polar bears to move the wheel it was a very long time ago, and it implies that they gave up on those experiments, but not until after they moved the island, with that polar bear in the desert.  How would they know it was dangerous to move turn the wheel, they would have had to use a human to do it once.  So let’s say Dharma moved the island twice.  I’ll bet the human who moved the island first was Charles Whidmore.  He’s the person who was trying to find it but unable to do so for apparently a long time, implying that, like Ben said, the person who moves the island can’t come back (or as I interpret that, can’t find the island because it is hiding from him or her).  So where was the island before it was moved?  We have very little info to track it with, I still want to believe it was in Oregon at some point, (maybe that was when Whidmore moved it).

What I don’t understand is how Ben knew how to move the island, he must have been around when someone else did it.  So was he there when Dharma did it.  I tried to figure out who else would be there: Definitely not Juliet, definitely Richard, unless he had a good reason to be off the island, maybe Patchy/Mikhail, maybe Rousseau but only if she had just got onto the island, and definitely Jacob (obviously), maybe Charlotte (I don’t really know what I mean here but I felt I had to say it).

I think I’m a little over my head at this point.  I don’t know what else to say in this post.  At some point in the future I intend to post something about the Orchid orientation video.

Next time I’ll ask the question: Why did the Island have to move?

– Izi


season 4 finale: the island moving (part 2)

Icosahedron theory

A while ago J. Woods wrote an article about a 3 dimensional shape called a icosahedron which apparently intersects the globe at special points, some of these points include the North Pole, Fiji, The Bermuda Triangle, Madagascar and North Africa ( I was hoping that Portland would be on the list too but it isn’t.  You can read his post for his interesting/crazy theories.  But he wrote those a long time before moving the island was even a glint in Locke’s eye.  An interesting thing about the icosahedron is that it was mentioned in the official podcast. A fan asked a question about it, they deflected the question, but the mere fact that it was mentioned gives the theory more credence.

So what can we do with the icosahedron? (apart from understanding it because that is way too much to ask for).  I think that I can base a theory around it.  I’ve talked about this theory before.  I believe that the island can move around the world, but it is limited to these points on the icosahedron.  Right now it is somewhere near Fiji (although it drives me crazy that we still don’t know where it was, apparently that little island where Penny dropped off the Oceanic 6 was 2000 miles from where they picked them up).  I believe that at one point the island was at the North Pole.  This explains why there are polar bears on the island.  Likely the four toed statue is from a different part of the world, I don’t think that any culture in that part of the world built statues like that it looks more Mediterranean (correct me if I’m wrong).  My old version of this theory played off Richard Alpert’s line: “We’re not in Portland any more” implying that at one time the island was somewhere in Oregon.  Maybe it’s possible, but it is highly improbable, and there are no spots on North America where the icosahedron hits.  Another hint was in The Constant.  When Desmond sees Mr. Whidmore at an auction bidding on the journal of Magnus Hanso, the captain of the Black Rock.  This journal was found in Madagascar, far from where the Black Rock ended up (maybe).  So I think it is completely possible that the island travels around these spots on the earth.

I want to point out that I have a problem with theories like these.  The crazy, scientific theories are fun to come up with and read, but I don’t think it is possible for them to be right.  There is almost no way that they can explain how the icosahedron theory works on the show.  It is possible that it is correct but there is no way that it will ever be confirmed because the show can’t spend half an episode or even a small part of an episode talking about metaphysics or theoretical anomalies or whatever we are talking about.

In my next post I’ll talk about the other clues and what I think was happening when Dharma controlled the Island

– Izi


season 4 finale: the island moving (part 1)

Remember the feeling you had at the end of episode 411 Cabin fever (Locke’s episode)?  Locke said the line: “He wants us to move the island”.  Yeah you remember.  Pretty angry, perhaps excited, maybe a little annoyed, and mostly confused.  The correct word is consternation.  At the time this looked to be one of those things that would make us angry and confused for a long time.

But whadya know, it only took two episodes and it actually happened.  What happened exactly? We don’t know.  Let’s speculate.

I’ve heard a few ideas about what people think happened.  I’ve had to split up this post because it got pretty gargantuan.  I split it up into three parts so I’ll post one a day.

Time traveling island theory

Some people feel that the island jumped forward in time, instead of space.  This is supported by the fact that the experiments in The Orchid were experiments in time not space.  I believe this is a completely possible theory, and if you want to follow this line of logic, go for it in the comments or link me to your blog.  I agree that it is possible, this whole season has been dabbling in time travel.  Desmond literally went back in time.  We kept getting flashforwards.  Flashbacks were mixed with flashforwards, adding to the confusion.  Daniel came along, he found that time does strange things coming to and from the island (this prompted me to come up with my first Narnia theory, this was augmented by the arrival of Charlotte Staples Lewis or C.S. Lewis.  The first Narnian theory was that on the island time travels slower than in the real world, so a day on the island might be four days in the real world, much like Narnia in comparison with our world, this theory had a lot of supporting evidence but was proved wrong).  So with all this odd time travel stuff there is a high chance that the island traveled in time not space, or maybe in time and space.  I could see a kind of setup to the island moving forward in time.  We know that Ben was thrown 8 or 9 months into the future by turning that Donkey wheel.  It was established that Daniel needed Desmond as a constant, implying that he will, or maybe has, had some sort of time traveling damage done to his brain.  Since Daniel is a ways away from the island when it leaves, he might be a little messed up next time we see him, he might need to find Desmond again.

So it is very possible that the island could move forward in time and not to a different location.  Next time I’ll go into the part that I like more, The island traveling in space

– Izi


a Pre-Lost fanfic

This is amazing.  I encourage everyone to read this story.  Someone wrote this glorious story about what happened on the island before 815 crashed.  It is most definitely not canon.  But seriously it explains everything.

Go read it, I dare you.

Here’s the link again.

– Izi

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