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204 – Everybody Hates Hugo


Hurley’s flashback is sad enough/happy enough to cry to.  Seriously, a tear.  When you see what the poor guy went through after he won the lottery, and then when he saw it all happening again when Jack put him in charge of the food.  Sad.

Also on the other end of the island, Jin Michael and Sawyer are introduced to The Tailies, for real this time.  We get a glimpse of how hard they had it.  The Tailies storyline was one of my favorite in all the seasons of Lost, so I love to watch it again.

This episode was good but not for the usual reasons.  This is more of a transition episode, we are just getting introduced to the Tailies, as people, and the people at the beach are learning to live with The Swan.  We had a melancholy Hurley story and we also had a very surprising introduction to The Tailies.  8.0/10.0

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203 – Orientation


We find out a lot about Desmond in this episode.  We see the picture of him and Penny, surprisingly, and he tells them a little about his time in The Swan. 

Desmond also gives Jack and Locke the Orientation.  Though that orientation we get our first glimpses at the Dharma Initiative.  During season 2 we learn a little about Dharma, but we should be paying special attention to Dharma now because it will be the focus of season5, apparently.

We also learn about Lockes past.  We meet the real Helen (Katey Segal!)  And we see that his father issues are very long lasting.  The flashbacks in season two are much less important than the season 1 flashbacks but I think that Locke’s are still pretty good.  For some reason I never get tired of watching Locke struggle through life.

On the other side of the island, Sawyer, Michael and Jin are being tested by The Tailies.  Of course I love that.

This episode is one of the most important episodes in the season, I feel it is more important than the premiere episode (of season 2).  9.5/10.0 

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202 – Adrift


We go back down The Hatch in this episode.  The portions in the hatch are a lot more exciting and informative from Locke and Kate’s perspective.  Unfortunately we spend half the episode dwelling on Michael and how sad it is that Walt is gone.  Foretunately the last scene is glorious, when The Tailies come down the beach with their spiked sticks and clubs it is so wonderfully forboding.

For some unknown reason they chose to have a Michael fashback in the second episode.  This was truly, one of the most useless Lost flashbacks.  We already knew that Michael lost Walt to his girlfriend.  They decided to redo that storyline, this time with lawyers.  It accomplished nothing, it just made MIchael seem weaker, if that was possible.

This episode was about two thirds good but one third very bad so I’ll give it 6/10.

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119 – Dues Ex Machina


When I think of a Locke flashback I don’t think about “Walkabout” I think of this episode.  This one was much more emotionally significant.  Finding out Locke was in a wheel chair was a pretty epic twist, but finding out that Locke had been screwed in one of the worst ways possible, by his own father was so much worse.

Oh, and Boone died (or at least came close to dying).  Also at the end of the episode when that light came on in the hatch it was just magical.  If that didn’t happen at the end of this episode, the episode would have been so depressing.

I’ll give it a 9.0/10.

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104 – Walkabout


Locke -centric episode.  Some people say this episode was the one that hooked them to the show.  Obviously the twist, that Locke was in a wheelchair, was very dramatic.  But when I remember these first few episodes, this one didn’t really stand out.

I completely underestimated this episode.  The fact that the general public thinks this episode is wonderful made me think that it therefore must be pretty average.  But this is the kind of episode that I love.  It is almost all mythology hidden under character development.  On the outside everyone remembers Locke being able to walk again.  What we forget is all the crazy stuff that happens in between.  Things like: Locke seeing Smokey, Jack seeing Christian and Rose knowing that the Tailies are still alive.  Since this was such a good episode I’ll give it the old 10/10

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Foreign Theories: The Island Papers (part 2)

Last week I drew your attention to the blog White Rabbit Trails.  It’s a great blog with lots of Lost jazz.  Last week he talked about where the pieces of the plane landed.

This week he gets more specific by writing about where the Tail section landed in this post.  As usual he’s done a lot of research and made the page look great.

He also did another post about the tarps on the island.  This is something that I’m sure has annoyed a lot of people.  Where do the survivors get all those blue tarps from.  Imagine how hard it would be for them to not have any.

Check it out it’s a great site.

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