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Desmond’s Car

Check out this hilarity:’

From TopCultured.

I knew that scene had a lot of funny shots, but I didn’t think it was this funny.

– izi


Lost Blog: Never Seen Lost

Here’s a special treat.  MissScarlett just told me about this hilarious Lost blog written by someone who has never seen Lost before.  He’s watching the final season without any context at all.  He’s never seen any of the prior episodes and apparently he’s been avoiding most of us for the last six years.

Check it out here:

Never Seen Lost: The Final Season of LOST as Seen by Someone Who has Never Seen LOST

This blog is insanely popular considering he only has seven posts.  But once you get reading his posts you’ll understand why, this guy is hilarious.  To avoid coming across any other spoilers he avoids screenshots too, so he has to draw his own like the one above.

– izi


Blogroll updated

I finally updated my blogroll today.  It’s literally been years since I touched it.

Season five and the last hiatus really thinned out the Lost bloggers.  But I’m still here!  I find it kinda validating to see that bloggers with more talent than me didn’t have the perseverance to continue blogging until the final season.  They’re missing out.

Of course the big blogs are still around Dark UFO, Doc Arzt, and JOpionated.

The WordPress crew is still going strong.  There’s Ms Wendy’s It’s About Bunnies, The Ack Attack, and my personal friend MissScarlett.

Then there’s Myles over at Cultural Learnings.  He may not be a Lost blogger, but his guy is amazing.  He watches seemingly every TV show and writes the best reviews.

Finally Lost is one of the newer Lost blogs, which is kinda the point of his blog.  And there’s a similar new blog that I’ll link to on Monday.  Stay tuned.

Off the beaten path you’ll find The Lost Diary and, a favorite of mine, ThEmIsFiTiShErE.

Have fun everyone.

– izi


Buy Some Lost

You may or might not know this but I feel the need to watch and rewatch most of my favorite shows.  To do that (legally) it’s important to own the DVDs.  You can’t rely on ABC to put Lost repeats on… ever.  If you’re going to buy the DVDs I recommend Amazon.  That’s where I tend to do all my DVD shopping, they have great discounts and since they have that wonder free super saving shipping on orders over $25.0 in the US ($39.00 in Canada) it’s definitely worth checking them out.

Also, if you follow these links and do some shopping, I’ll be making some money (yay!).

Come visit my Amazon Store you’ll find all of the Lost seasons DVDs and Blu-Ray discs there.

See below to see each of the DVDs.

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Lost vs. Obama

I didn’t consider it news when everyone was going crazy the other day about Obama’s State of the Union happening on February 2.  It wasn’t confirmed and after all this time I would really mind waiting another week.  Plus I really doubted that anyone in Washington would care if we caused a ruckus.

But when I heard today that the US government bowed to the will of the millions of Lost viewers… wow, that is newsworthy.

Check this out.  This quote comes from a New York times blog:

Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary, told reporters today that he could “allay fears” of those who watch “Lost.” He said the president’s speech will not be on Feb. 2. “I don’t foresee a scenario in which the millions of people that hope to finally get some conclusion in ‘Lost’ are preempted by the president,” Mr. Gibbs said.

Insanity.  As a community we are powerful.  I love that Lost is in quotations.

And look, even Damon Lindelof was impressed by the outcome.

– izi


New(ish) Blog: Finally Lost

This is a very fun blog to read.  A lot of off-season Lost sites kinda bore me (I’ll bet I would bore myself if I read my own blog), but this is an exception.  It’s called Finally Lost and it’s the blog of a Lost viewer who had never seen the show until recently.  He knew he’d like the show, but he chose to watch the entire show all in a row.  This is luxury many of us weren’t lucky enough to enjoy.  I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, as much as the hiatuses drove me nuts I think I learned to enjoy the shows slow reveals.  A lot of the twists don’t have the same effect if you watch them all in a row.

Regardless of my opinion about watching Lost live, this blogger does an awesome job recapping his reactions and his experience of watching Lost for the first time.  Everyone should take a few days and check out the blog.

Click here to visit Finally Lost

Here’s a little quote from one of his season 1 reviews (from here).

How did you people survive watching this show week by week?? Especially when the show was running with off weeks. This alone made me feel vindicated in waiting all these years to finally begin watching the show. I’ll only have to deal with this frustration for one season. I understand I missed countless theory conversations and internet easter egg hunts but I think the hatch episodes would have killed me. There had better be something good in that hatch…

You gotta  love watching someone trudge through Lost for the first time.

– izi


Foreign Theories: Top 10 Lost Villains

This isn’t a theory, but it’s still quite good.  The Ack Attack is always a good site, this list just proves that.  I highly recommend you check out her site if you haven’t already.

This is her list of the Top Ten Villains on Lost.  I dare you to try to guess her list before you go there.  I got it wrong simple because I forgot that her number one villain was actually a villain, also I forgot about Smokey.  This is why I don’t do top ten lists, I tend to omit important things.

– izi

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