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124 – Exodus (part 3)


The third portion of the finale starts off with Smokey causing havoc and revealing himself to the survivors and, more importantly, to us.  Also it turns out that the Rousseau/baby storyline was a complete red-herring, it went no where.  But in an incredibly surprising and still dramatc scene Mr. Friendly shows up and takes Walt.  (I will always call him Mr. Friendly I know he has a name, that’s just what I remember him as.)

This episode was very well balanced, same as the previous ones.  They clearly spent a lot of time making sure that each character was given pretty much equal screen time.  The last scene was especially good, when you see the whole cast on the plane, each with their own problems.  Almost all of those problems are gone at this point.

I’ll give it a 9.5/10, you can’t beat Smokey/Others/Hatch and flashbacks for everyone.  I have to say that I enjoyed this episode much more than the premiere.

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A Lack of News

You may notice that I am not posting a lot of the recent Lost news.  I’ve decided to ignore it, I’m reading it, but I don’t see any reason to post it.  If you want to stay up to date on Lost news you can visit almost any of the sites on the right.  I recommend sticking with DarkUFO, they are one of the biggest and quickest site but I personally recommend the Lost News Network, they have a beautiful oft-updated site.

Here’s what I have planned, at least for the next few months

I will post any official announcements, if they are relevent. 

I won’t post any spoilers that come up because of the filming of new episodes, I won’t even read them, so don’t send them to me. 

I won’t talk about the ARG, Dharma Wants You or Octagon Global Recruiting, I am half-heartedly joining in on them but it’s not really what I want to talk about on this blog.  If there are any revelations from the ARG I will probably talk about them, but I doubt there will be.

I will continue to post my Revlysis’.  I am currently way ahead of schedule, so I am slow to respond to anyones comments I apologize, I’m just busy doing other things.

I will continue posting Foreign Theories, as long as they are good.

I may ramp up my hijacks, because I want to recommend some new and returning shows to everyone.  But we’ll see, that may be an empty promise.

Keep reading, and feel free to comment.

– Izi


124 – Exodus (part 2)


Rousseau’s surprisingly well thought out and executed plan comes to a head in this episode when she steals Claire’s baby.  Claire has a slight flashback of attacking Rousseau.  Meanwhile Arzt makes himself useful by blowing up.  Sawyer, Jin and Michael waste a little bit of time on the raft by almost losing the rudder, but that’s about it.  The flashbacks are not terribly memorable, and there is little mythology involved.

This episode is very well paced and extremely exciting.  But like I said earlier nothing memorable really happens.  If I didn’t know that Smokey was about to appear I wouldn’t be so charitable.  I’ll give it a 8.0/10

(Note: in case you care, I split this episode up right at the part where Smokey appears at about 43 minutes in.)

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123 – Exodus (part 1)



Rousseau shows up and tells everyone that The Others are coming to steal Aaron.  Black smoke appears on the horizon to announce their intentions.  They launch the raft.  There are a lot of emotional good-byes.  Rousseau talks a lot about her dealings with The Others and she even gives us a very big clue as to what Smokey is.

I love the way they did flashbacks in this episode.  I wish every season finale could have this kind of flashback, with everyone getting one flashback, it makes for a very balanced episode.

I’d say this episode gets 8.0/10

(Note: I’m splitting up the season finale in a strange way.  It was aired as a two part finale, with the first part being 1 hour and the second being two hours, I am going to split it into three revlysis’.)

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Hijack: The Fountain – Death is the Road to Awe

If you haven’t watched it already I recomend you go watch The Fountain.  It is one of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen. 

It was directed by Darren Aronofsky who also directed Pi and Requiem for a Dream.  It stars Darren’s wife Rachel Weisz and also Hugh Jackman.  You will ikely not figure the movie out on the first viewing it took me a couopke to understand what was happening but I just cannot get over it.

The acting was marvolous, I can’t help but laugh or cry whenever Rachel Weisz does in the film, it’s absolute magic.  Hugh Jackmen is also extremely good, he plays a character not unlike Jack Sheperd, except that Hugh’s character learns and changes as the movie goes on.

Also featured in the movie is what is called microphotography.  Instead of using CGI to create the nebulaes and stars that Hugh’s character flies through they use film of micoscopic mateials in different liquids, it absolutely beautiful.  The artist who did this film is Chris Parks, here’s his website.

The main point of this hijack was to talk about the music.  I just got the soundtrack, finally.  It was surpisingly hard to track down, I finally gave up and got it from Amazon.  The music is absolutely breathtaking.  The composer is Clint Mansell and his work is glorius.  He also did the theme to Requiem of a Dream which you’ve probably heard in many other trailers you can listen to it here, it too is a wonderful song.  But recently I have been listening to the theme of The Fountain over and over.  Here it is:

– Izi


122 – Born to Run


Kate indirectly and semi-accidently poisons Michael.  Locke shows The Hatch to Sayid and Jack, and for the first time we hear fro the perspective of those who don’t think it’s a good idea to get into it.  Walt confesses to his dad that he burnt the first raft, he also warns Locke not to open The Hatch.

This episode is similar to a few others, since it is the last episode before the premiere it tries to tie up a lot of loose ends and sets up some serious conflict for the finale.  This episode also answers a few questions about Kate, not the big one, but that hardly matters anymore.


(Keep reading for some Walt theorizing and more about The Hatch.)

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New Theory: The Whispers

While I was rewatching the episode “Outlaws” I stated trying to figure out the Whispers and I think I came to a pretty solid conclusion.  You may have already read this on my Current Theories page, but I thought I’d put it here anyways.

The most obvious source of the Whispers is The Others.  It’s very easy to believe that when The Others are sneaking around the jungle we hear the Whispers, and it’s them planning their attacks or maybe just spying.  I don’t think that it’s The Others.  I’m even willing to say that it is never The Others.

I believe that the Whispers are literally just ghosts.  I could and probably should end there, but I want to talk more about why and when they appear.  I believe they come around for two reasons, either they are interested in the person because they were related to them during their life or they were involved in their death.  Or they come around when they sense that someone is going to die, or at least in mortal danger.

Examples of when the Whispers came (I got this list from Lostpedia):

1 – Sayid hears them first.  He hears them because he is responsible for many peoples death, they are in effect haunting him.

2 – Sawyer hears them secondly.  I believe he is hearing that man that he mistakenly killed thinking he was the real Sawyer.  That episode deals with a lot of death, another connection between death and the Whispers.

3 – Shannon and everyone else nearby hears them immediately before she is shot and killed by Ana Lucia.  I figure that they sensed her imminent death and so were drawn to the location.

4 – At the end of season 2 right before being captured by The Others, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley and Michael hear the whispers.  You might think this is proof that The Others are the source of the Whispers, I still doubt it.  I think that the Whispers surround The Others simply because they have a lot of blood on their hands.  They killed the entire Dharma Initiative you can see why ghosts might be following them around.

5 – Ben hears the whispers right before he sees his dead mother in the jungle.  This one is too obvious for me to elaborate on.

6 – Locke hears the whispers while laying in the Dharma mass grave, right before he is about to kill himself.

7 – Hurley hears them before going up to Jacob’s cabin.  If Jacob is dead or somewhere in between I think the dead would be drawn to him.

8 – Juliet hears the Whispers before seeing Harper.  I assume this is for the same reason that the Whispers are audible when any of the Others are nearby.

9 – Michael hears the whispers on the freighter right before Libby appears.  Libby’s dead so that could be why they are audible.

10 – Miles hears the Whispers before he finds the bodies of Rousseau and Karl.

11 – Right before The Others come to save Kate and Ben in the season 4 finale you can hear the Whispers.  This is probably only from the presence of The Others but it could be because Keamy’s men were about to die.

12 – Michael hears the whispers again right before Christian appears to him, and he dies.

Sometimes I think we tend to complicate our theories a bit too much.  So let’s not, let’s just say that the Whispers are dead people and leave it at that.

Original Post.

– Izi


121 – The Greater Good


This episode featured a pretty good backstory, Sayid was in an Alias episode.  He infiltrated a terrorist cell and got emotionally involved.  Meanwhile Shannon tried to kill Locke and Jack tried to beat him up. 

When you look at the whole season, this episode was just filler, in the new shortened seasons this episode would have been replaced with a conversation.  But there are two kinds of filler episodes, the bad ones where the story does a complete B-line to nowheresville, and the ones that are prolonged events.  For being one of the good filler episodes I’ll give it a 6.0/10

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Formatting Change

I have to admit that I rarely go to my actual blog, I’m usually just reading and editting my posts from the WordPress dashboard.  But whenever I do visit the main page the formatting really annoys me.  I have to scroll down so far to search my blog, and it’s just messy.  I’ve been trying to avoid using the summary/excerpt/More Tag function because I always thought that was just a way for blogs to get more traffic but I now see that it really cleans up the main page.  I’m still a little hesitant to use it becuase I have my doubts that people will really read my whole revlysis’.  But for the sake of efficiency I think I’m going to start using it.

So from now on I’ll have a More Tag after my review portion of my revlysis.  I’ll try not to overuse it.  If you have any objections feel free to leave a comment.

– Izi


Foreign Theories – Richard Alpert, The Ageless Lost Boy

I actually don’t believe this theory at all, but Richard is one of my favorite characters so I like to encourage any and all theorizing about him.

Here’s the link to the theory (from Doc Arzt).

The theory starts out with some very interesting Richard Alpert connections.  He connects him to the Dalai Lama and some other mystical character (I’m trying not to assume that I know what this person was talking about.  The part that I don’t believe is when this theorist says that Richard disguises himself as Christian Sheperd (on the island).  It’s a clever and unique hypothesis, but if you ask me, Richard and Christian have two very different goals.  Richard has wanted to have Locke rule the island, and in my mind it appears that Christian wants Jack to lead the islanders.

Anywho, check it out if you’re interested.

– Izi

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