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Top Ten Shows of the Decade

I thought I should follow the annoying internet trend and make a list of the tope ten shows of the decade.  But since I’m lazy and I hate the idea of a top ten list of anything I’ve decided to put as little effort as possible into this list. (I do like reading other peoples lists, but it’s hard to rank my favorite shows.  Also I don’t think anyone is objective enough to rank these shows, the decade has barely ended, how do we know that Modern Family is so good and Community isn’t?).   So instead of writing about shows and running out of enthusiastic adjectives I’m creating a photo list:

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Lost’s Last Supper

UPDATE 1: Check out the official high res version here.

UPDATE 2: And check out some new versions of that picture here.

DocArzt has uncovered one of the best Lost cast pictures to date.  It’s a recreation of the Last Supper.

Check ‘er out:

UPDATE – Look a new version:

I remember when Battlestar Galactica did this.  It was better that time, more hidden meaning, better expressions on everyone’s faces, not just all staring at the Jesus stand-in.  But this photo is still pretty awesome, it expresses what we all want to know: what is “Locke” going to do next?

I would absolutely love it if someone could find a better version of this picture.  I’ll keep my eye out, but if you find one please let me know.

– izi


New(ish) Blog: Finally Lost

This is a very fun blog to read.  A lot of off-season Lost sites kinda bore me (I’ll bet I would bore myself if I read my own blog), but this is an exception.  It’s called Finally Lost and it’s the blog of a Lost viewer who had never seen the show until recently.  He knew he’d like the show, but he chose to watch the entire show all in a row.  This is luxury many of us weren’t lucky enough to enjoy.  I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, as much as the hiatuses drove me nuts I think I learned to enjoy the shows slow reveals.  A lot of the twists don’t have the same effect if you watch them all in a row.

Regardless of my opinion about watching Lost live, this blogger does an awesome job recapping his reactions and his experience of watching Lost for the first time.  Everyone should take a few days and check out the blog.

Click here to visit Finally Lost

Here’s a little quote from one of his season 1 reviews (from here).

How did you people survive watching this show week by week?? Especially when the show was running with off weeks. This alone made me feel vindicated in waiting all these years to finally begin watching the show. I’ll only have to deal with this frustration for one season. I understand I missed countless theory conversations and internet easter egg hunts but I think the hatch episodes would have killed me. There had better be something good in that hatch…

You gotta  love watching someone trudge through Lost for the first time.

– izi


What I’m Watching Now (Winter 2009/2010)

This is just a list of all the TV shows I’ve recently watched and shows I’m going to be watching quite soon.

I wrote a similar post in the Fall and the Spring, feel free to see what I was watching back then. And don’t forget to check out my Other TV Shows page.

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Foreign Theories: Who is Desmond?

This is a very fun theory from Do Arzt.  This guy has a big twist at the end of his theory.  I was going to say what the end of the thoery is, but he should be allowed to build that up.

Doc Arzt: Who is Desmond

By the way, I highly doubt it, but it would be fun.  It actually sounds like a theory I would make up.

– izi


Foreign Theories: Top 10 Lost Villains

This isn’t a theory, but it’s still quite good.  The Ack Attack is always a good site, this list just proves that.  I highly recommend you check out her site if you haven’t already.

This is her list of the Top Ten Villains on Lost.  I dare you to try to guess her list before you go there.  I got it wrong simple because I forgot that her number one villain was actually a villain, also I forgot about Smokey.  This is why I don’t do top ten lists, I tend to omit important things.

– izi


The 2009 Golden Globe Nominations

Here are the nominations for the Golden Globes this year. I got these from Zap2it.


Best Television Series (Comedy or Musical):

“30 Rock”
“Modern Family”
“The Office”

If you know me well you’ll know I want 30 Rock to win.  I guess The Office comes next.
I haven’t watched the two new shows, Glee and Modern Family.  I’ve heard only great things about them, but I’ve avoided new network shows.

Best Television Series (Drama):

“Big Love”
“Mad Men”
“True Blood”

No Lost, how unfortunate.  If Lost ever does win awards I hope it’ll pull a Return of the King and just win everything in one year to make up for the other losses.
If I can’t have Lost I would usually hope Dexter would win, but season 3 was pretty weak.  I’m watching season 4 and it looks better.
So if Lost can’t win, and Dexter was disappointing, then I guess I hope that True Blood or Mad Men win.  I’m a new recruit to both shows, and while I would choose True Blood over Mad Men, season 3 of Mad Men was the best season yet.  I’m a little torn.

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Season 6 Cast Photos

ABC just released the promo pictures for the main cast members for Season 6.  Click the “read more” link to see them all.  Some people might consider these pictures spoilers.  That’s crazy talk if you ask me, but I try to respect the insane among  us.

I also talk a little about the official cast list for Season 6.

Extremely minor CASTING SPOILERS below.

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