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610 – The Package


Yay!  A character that I like is back!  Poor Desmond is having a pretty rough life.  That’s what he gets for having a happy ending before the show ends.  I knew that was a bad idea.

Widmore and “Locke” have their fateful reunion.  It was surprisingly early, but that’s forgivable.  I’m sure we’ll see a lot more from these two.  (I’m also betting that Widmore will be dead sooner than we might expect.)

Meanwhile, on the beach, Richard finally realizes that he’s smart so he comes up with a plan.  He decides that they have to destroy the Ajira plane so that “Locke” can’t leave.  Of course their plan will change once Widmore gets involves.

It’s possible that this was the most entertaining Jin and Sun flash (be it -back, -forward or -sideways).  That’s not saying much though.  I was happy to see Mikhail again… heh heh heh.

I’d say a third of this episode was totally useless so I’ve give it a 6.5/10.0  that’s pretty good for a Kwon episode.

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Foreign Theories: Top 10 Lost Villains

This isn’t a theory, but it’s still quite good.  The Ack Attack is always a good site, this list just proves that.  I highly recommend you check out her site if you haven’t already.

This is her list of the Top Ten Villains on Lost.  I dare you to try to guess her list before you go there.  I got it wrong simple because I forgot that her number one villain was actually a villain, also I forgot about Smokey.  This is why I don’t do top ten lists, I tend to omit important things.

– izi


In Preparation for Season 5: The Enemies

Here is the next episode from sl-Lost‘s In preparation for Season 5 videos.  This one is about a few of the enemies that the survivors have had to deal with.

– izi


322 – Through the Looking Glass



(You may notice that I am reviewing this entire episode instead of splitting it up like I’ve done for the other finales.  I did this because season 5 is starting a week earlier than I anticipated, so I have to accelerate my revlysis schedule slightly.)

There was so much about this episode that was so good.  A lot of the time was full of action and fun, but there was still a lot of great stuff there.  And you really can’t beat the mood of this episode.  Everything is tinged with that sense of danger.  And now that season 4 is over all that potential danger is laid out for us.

Besides the obvious twist, this flashforward was very boring.  But that was kinda the point, it lulls us into a false sense of familiarity and then BANG it throws the show for a loop.  I was considering lowering the score, because compared to the other flashforwards it was pretty weak, but I can’t ignore that the episode was still very amazing and mind-bending, then and now.

Charlies death scene and what happened before it with Penny’s transmission was just too awesome.  I love it when they pull the rug out from under us like that, taking away our hope that Penny was going to swoop in and save the day.  And the inclusion and near reunion between her and Desmond was irresistibly good.

Also the final scene with Jack and Kate is amazing and mind-blowing.  You really can’t beat that, and I don’t think they will try any time soon.

Aaand the part when Jack talks to Minkowski, it just gets better and better.  That conversation is so short and it gives us no info, but the potential is just incredible.

9.5/10.0 Do the finales seem to get better and better the more times you watch them?

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320 – The Man Behind the Curtain



After rewatching this episode I noticed that it is the basis of many of my theories and many of other peoples theories too.  This episode is wonderfully vital and full of info.  I think everyone should rewatch it because it is insanely important.

We see Ben’s childhood with the Dharma Initiative.  We see the Dharma Initiative!!  We also see The Purge.

In the main timeline we see Ben starting to lose authority with The Others.  Locke takes full advantage of his new upper hand against Ben.  Locke get’;s to meet Jacob.  And we get to see him for half a second.

And at the very end Locke gets shot.

Oh and Juliet comes clean to the beach camp.

Insane episode 10.0/10.0

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318 – D.O.C.



“Flight 815. They found the plane, there were no survivors, they were all dead.”  There was another one of those insane moments.  Oh what fun Naomi brings to the show.

This episode was a solid episode.  I usually hate Jin or Sun episodes but they made this one engaging enough (for me).

Sun went on an adventure with Juliet.  We heard a little more about The Others and their baby making problems.  We also learned that Sun conceived her baby on the island.  Juliet also did some more spying.

The flashback was my favorite Sun and Jin flashback.  That isn’t saying a lot, but I did actually like this one.

The B-story was extra fun though.  As I mentioned above, Naomi said her most famous line, which blew my mind.  But it also involved the return of Patchy.

Good episode 7.5/10.0

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316 – One of Us



I didn’t see the end of this episode coming at all.  That was a huge shock.  I am very impressed with the writing of Juliet’s character.  The writers had the whole thing planned out from the first episode.  This kind of episode really inspires confidence.

As for the story, I loved it.  The survivors get a new Other to keep as a captive and we get to see how their perspective on them has changed over one season.  In season 2 they caught Ben and they tortured and kept him separated.  This season they have a definite Other and they essentially let her into the camp.

There’s also a bit of important info.  We find out that pregnant women on the island die during their pregnancy.  We get to see how Mikhail works.  We saw what it’s like to live with The Others.  What I thought was pretty interesting was the way that Ben used Jacob’s name to get power over people, and the effect it had on Juliet.  That was shocking.

This was a great episode.  8.0/10.0

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312 – Par Avion



Claire fights with Charlie in this episode, truly ground-breaking stuff.  Claire also ties a note to a seagulls leg.  This is all just an excuse to throw in Claire’s big reveal, that Christian is her father.  They hinted at it in the last season and they finally reveal it here.

Also, on the other side of the island, Kate, Sayid, Locke and Rousseau continue their adventure.  Patchy tells them why they weren’t on Jacob’s list.  They find the sonic fence.  Locke kills Mikhail, without provocation (or so I thought).  And they find NewOtherton, with a presumably brainwashed Jack.

Claire’s story on the island was pretty weak, but her character has never been enthralling.  Her flashback was good, if not obvious.  The B-story was the bee’s knees though, we got some serious island exploration, some truthful Mikhail moments and great story development when they found the Barracks and Jack.


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311 – Enter 77



This episode was mostly good.  We found out a huge amount of info from Patchy, unfortunately it was all trickery.  But that’s not to say that I think we should ignore everything he said.  He gave us a lot to think about.  I even thought up a new Jacob theory after watching this episode (skip to the bottom if you want to read it).

Also I learned two new things from this episode.  First, I completely misinterpreted Eko’s Jesus Stick message.  Apparently Locke was simply looking at the part that said John 3:05 and he thought it meant that he should travel on a bearing of 305 degrees.  That actually is very important.  That’s the same bearing that Daniel used to get to the island.  Also I found out that Mikhail was in charge of the Dharma Drops, or at least the The Flame was.  His computer (the one with the chess game) could communicate with the other stations, the outside world, and it could call for “pallet drops”, what we call Dharma Drops.

There were things that I really didn’t like about this episode.  Mostly just the annoying and boring flashback.  But I also disliked Locke’s incompetence and I also wasn’t too happy when Ms. Klugh died.

But it was still a good quality episode.  7.5/10.0

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305 – The Cost of Living



So Eko died, I have to say that I wanted him to die by this point in the show.  He’s a great character, but I was more that happy with just one mystic, Locke.  Also I had grown tired of Eko’s unnecessarily cryptic speeches and the fact that he never liked to include others in his escapades, in a ensemble show like Lost camradery is necessary and welcome.  His flashback in his episode isn’t anything special, I find it hard to differentiate it with other Eko flashbacks.

But there were some very good developments in this episode.  Locke went back into The Pearl and with Nikki’s help he got to see a glimpse of Mikhail.  Meanwhile on Alcatraz, Jack told Ben that he knew what was going on, Ben told Jack that he intended to “break him”, and Juliet told Jack that she wanted to organize a coup and kill Ben.  Also, we got to see Smokey in action, and possibly we saw Jacob judging Eko (possibly).


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