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What Did You Think?

Apparently the finale was a little polarizing.  Some people hated it, some loved it.  Clearly I’m in the ‘loved it’ category.  Now what about you?

You’ll notice that I avoided asking this question until I had my say.  I wanted everyone to know that I enjoyed the episode and why before I let any of you rag on it.  So now that most of the really angry people have left, what’s the word?  Was it satisfying?  Do you still love Lost as a whole or did that episode ruin the show for you?  What were your favorite, or least favorite parts?

(I would put a poll, but I’d rather hear some real words from you.)

– izi


Time to Die

The show’s almost over, the clock is ticking.  We all have to ask ourselves, who’s going to die?  And, more importantly, are we ready for our favorite character’s death?

As you probably know, I was extremely shocked when Ilana blew up.  For some reason I thought she was safe.  But no one is safe.  The show is nearly finished and many people must die before it ends.  So I want to look at each of the characters and try to prepare you, and myself, for their possible deaths.

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Poll Results from 605

Usually I watch the polls and silently enjoy watching all of your weird choices.  But last week had some very interesting debates so I thought I’d publicize the results.  This is also another chance to vote.

I discuss the results below, but the polls are still open and will be open until the mysteries are solved.  So things could change.

Who is David’s Mother?

The real fight is between Juliet and Sarah for the maternity of David.  I still think it’s going to be Juliet.  Sarah is great, but with such a small amount of episode left I find it hard to believe that we have time left for Sarah.  From a logistic point of view it would be pretty crazy if either of these actresses had enough time to play this role.  Elizabeth Mitchell is filming the surprisingly not canceled V and Julie Bowen is starring in the surprisingly acclaimed Modern Family (no I haven’t watched either yet).

I found that a lot of people are trying to choose a less blond mother for David.  Sure the kid has perfectly black hair, but if they got a blond kid then it would have been weird.  I don’t think the kids coloring is a huge hint.

A friend of mine and a commenter even said that they think the mother might be Ilana.  I scoffed a little at that.  I think the writers are aware that many people aren’t Ilana fans.  I wouldn’t  mind if Ilana was thrust into the main story like that, but it seems unlikely.  Besides if we ever had an Ilana episode I don’t think it would be about how she was knocked up by Jack.   Hopefully she’ll have an episode that explains a little bit about her relationship with Jacob.

I’m quite disappointed that three people chose Kate.  Come on.

On the other hand I’m grateful to the weirdos who think that Ana Lucia stands a chance.

Who’s Coming to the Island?

I don’t buy the theory that 108 Wallace was misdirection, or a red herring.  Someone is still coming to the Island and I think this episode is supposed to make us excited about who it is.

And I’m definitely leaning more towards Desmond now and not Mr. Widmore.  It was a toss-up for me when I was writing the Revlysis, but now I’m willing to say that I think it’s Desmond.  And it looks like most people agree with me.

I’m disappointed that very few people voted for Walt.  I think I may be sitting on a very empty boat still hoping the kid comes back.

– izi

(Look at that tiny little post.)


Repeating The Constant


I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I really want everyone to consider this seriously.

The Constant was gold in my eyes.  I loved it.  I know that some of you didn’t, maybe you should sit this one out.  The episode was very highly rated by many Lost bloggers, and many serious critics.  So here’s the question: 

Do you think it would be a bad thing if the Lost writers wrote another episode using that same flashing back and forth/time travel story element?

I haven’t read any season 5 spoilers but I have a hunch that they will use that kind of storyline again.  In fact I’m counting on it, I have theories that say that both Locke and Daniel will experience that.  The point is that I want everyone to say now that they will like another episode similar to The Constant, that they don’t thing it will be milking a successful episode for more material.  I don’t think that will be the writers intentions.  And I really want it to happen again because it will open up many crazy story elements.

So what do you think?

Feel free to elaborate in the comments.

– izi

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