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405 – The Constant



I cried the first time I watched this episode, and I cried again when I rewatched it this time.  This episode is glorious and a half.  It manages to mix intense and confusing sci-fi with a perfectly written love story.  Wow, I can’t tell you how much I love this episode.

And not only that but it includes all of my favorite characters.  Desmond was my first favorite character and his love story with Penny was my favorite storyline.  Then Daniel came along and I questioned my complete loyalty to Desmond.  Now that Desmond and Penny’s love story is mostly over Daniel is my favorite character but I still love them all.

I also love sci-fi themes and I love how these writers do it.  They insist on making it logical, which is reassuring and entertaining at the same time.  It’s all great fun.

I also found out a lot by rewatching this episode.  Like Locke’s possible fate, and the importance of nosebleeds.

If I could give it more than 10 I would.  10.0/10.0

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In Preparation for Season 5: Lovers

Here is the fifth episode from sl-Lost‘s In preparation for Season 5 videos.  This time it’s about the couples that have formed during the course of the show.

– izi


404 – Eggtown



This episode is dull.  It’s very necessary, but it’s quite boring.  It does answer the question from the end of season 3, how did Kate get free of those pesky murder charges?  But beyond that Kate’s story was dragged out.

I did like three scenes in this episode though.

The first one was the part with Diane speaking to Kate.  I believe that Diane is a vitally important character and finding out that she’s stayed alive, miraculously, was quite interesting to me.

The second one was when Miles talked to Ben trying to get money out of hm in exchange for silence.

The third was the memory game that Charlotte was playing with Daniel.  I find that scene to be extremely important and I’m sure it will have a big bearing on Daniel’s season 5 storyline.

But I can’t ignore that this episode was sub-par.  4.0/10.0

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In Preparation for Season 5: Meet the Cast (1)

Here is the third episode from sl-Lost‘s In preparation for Season 5 videos.  This time it’s about The Cast, not the whole cast, just Josh Holloway and Evangeline Lilly.

– izi


403 – The Economist



This episode is secretly an episode of Alias.  Seriously, it really seems like it.  Having a character go under cover then fall in love and get burned is a very basic Alias plot-line.  That’s not a bad thing, these writers are much better than the Alias writers so they do a better job.  And I’m sure they’ll have bigger plans with Sayid.  In season 5 I expect many more episodes like this one.

On the island there is a little bit of character shuffling.  Charlotte and Miles trade places, Kate goes to the Barracks, Sayid and Desmond head out to the freighter on Frank’s helicopter, and Daniel and Charlotte decide to stay on the island.

Daniel gets to have a lot of fun on the island.  He conducts a test with surprising and worrisome results.  Uh-oh, if only we knew what he was talking about

Most of the exciting things happened in the flashforward.  But no matter how exciting it was the falshforward only accomplished two things, it told us that Sayid was one of the Oceanic 6 and that he’s killing people for Ben.  For being such an intense story it didn’t reveal a lot.

Moderately good episode 7.0/10.0

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In Preparation for Season 5: Redemption

Here is the second episode from sl-Lost‘s In preparation for Season 5 videos.  This time it’s about Redemption of the characters.

– izi


402 – Confirmed Dead



This episode is our introduction to the four Freighter Folk.  If you’ve been reading this blog for very long you should know that I love new characters.  And I think that by season 4, the writers have hit their stride with their intros (they weren’t so good at it in season 2, and they only got it half right in season3).  They know what they did wrong in the past and really don’t want to make those same mistakes.

So we get these new characters.  If you ask me they each deserve warm welcomes.  I love these characters.  (I really only count three of them, but you can read about that later).

As for the episode, it accomplished a lot.  It gave us slight insights into each of these characters (we haven’t got much beyond this episode, unfortunately).  It also explained why they were sent to the island.

And right at the very end of the episode we get a wonderful lead-out.  Ben reveals that he has someone on the Freighter.  I love this new format, each episode ends with a slight cliffhanger that leads into the next episode or the rest of the season.

This episode is very fast pace and it gives us a lot of info. 8.0/10.0

Matthew Abbadon says that all of four Freighter Folk were chosen for a reason.  They all had a purpose on the island.  In the section below I will guess at what I believe their purposes were.

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