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Foreign Theory: Hurley Created the Afterlife

Now this I like.  Zap2it wrote their review for The End, and it was great, of course.  But hidden in that review was a great theory: Hurley created the Afterlife as a place for everyone to be healed mentally.  It’s genius.  I would never think of that, but I love it as a theory.  I might even believe it.

Here’s a quote from the review:

What does Hurley ever want? For his friends to be happy! So what does he do? Well, he doesn’t build a golf course, he builds a space for them to somehow connect after shuffling off their mortal coil and all end up getting the moments of happiness that eluded them, making connections that had been previously missed, and getting forgiveness once thought impossible.

Check it out here.

– izi


Foreign Theories: Who is Desmond?

This is a very fun theory from Do Arzt.  This guy has a big twist at the end of his theory.  I was going to say what the end of the thoery is, but he should be allowed to build that up.

Doc Arzt: Who is Desmond

By the way, I highly doubt it, but it would be fun.  It actually sounds like a theory I would make up.

– izi


Foreign Theories: Top 10 Lost Villains

This isn’t a theory, but it’s still quite good.  The Ack Attack is always a good site, this list just proves that.  I highly recommend you check out her site if you haven’t already.

This is her list of the Top Ten Villains on Lost.  I dare you to try to guess her list before you go there.  I got it wrong simple because I forgot that her number one villain was actually a villain, also I forgot about Smokey.  This is why I don’t do top ten lists, I tend to omit important things.

– izi


Foreign Theory: Two Sides of the War

This Foreign Theory comes from DocArzt, always a great source of interesting and, most importantly, possible theories.  This one starts out with a biblical discussion of Jacob and Esau.  Biblical theories are always fun.  Then it goes on to analyze both sides of the war, Jacob’s and Esau’s. 

You can check out the theory here:

Two Sides of the War

– izi


Foreign Theory: Anon’s New Annie Theory


Exactly six months ago Anon, a frequent commenter, posted a large-ish Annie theory on my blog.  In the last six months many things have changed, so she revised here theory and sent it to me again.

Hold on to your hats everyone, this theory is a doozy (it’s actually more like a screenplay):

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Foreign Theory: Ilana is Sekhmet


I especially like this theory from JOpinionated (via DocArzt) because I too think that Ilana is a god.  I don’t have the required knowledge of Egyptian mythology to name her like JOpinionated did, but I mostly agree with what he has to say.

Go here to read the theory.

(Just to clarify, I think that Ilana is a god, or if not a god she is a spirit being like Jacob, although less powerful.  I don’t really care whether she’s Sekhmet or some other unnamed god, I doubt they’ll ever talk about the Egyptian gods by name in the show.)

– izi


Foreign Theory: The Prodigal Sons (and Daughters) Return


I really like this theory from the Doc Arzt blog.  He’s theorizing that perhaps Bram, Ilana and co. are the sons and daughters of people from the Dharma Initiative.  That would mean that Miles and Charlotte would really fit in with them. 

This theory also goes along with a less foreign theory from of the readers of this blog, that the group is the reformed Dharma Initiative (see here, look for Publicola’s comment).  Remember those tests that we did in the fall, perhaps those weren’t just casual fun, maybe they were “real” (haha, that almost made sense for a second).

506-ms-hawking-lamp-post-01My theory is that this group is funded, or at least organized, by Eloise Hawking.  That could fit in with any of these theories.  Whatever happens, I’m really liking this new group, they’re sinister but smart.  And Bram is way better than Keamy (sorry MissScarlett).

– izi

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