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Hijack: Where the Wild Things Are trailer


In case you don’t know, I have a secondary blog, The Trailer Tracker, where I simply link to great movie trailers that I see.  The most recent trailer, and one of the most impressive, was from the movie Where the Wild Things Are.  It’s an adaption, by Spike Jonze, of one of my favorite kids books ever.

Check out the trailer here.


– izi


510 Ratings

Here are the Nielsen ratings for the last episode of Lost:

510 – He’s Our You

8.82  million viewers

4.0/10  18-49 viewers

How low can we go.  It’s another drop, and I know that you guys reassure me every week, and I know I shouldn’t care, but I do.  When competing shows like American Idol get almost 27 million viewers it really hurts.  Even Criminal Minds got 14 million viewers (less in the demo though).  It just amazes me that so many people can have bad taste.

– izi


510 – He’s Our You



“He’s Our You” solves all of Sayid’s mysteries.  That’s nice.  It shows more of his work with Ben, I don’t think we’ll be seeing anything beyond that.  It shows how and why he stopped working for Ben.  It shows why he went to get Hurley at the end of Season 4.  And it shows how he got onto flight 316.  These aren’t minor mysteries, and I’m glad we finally filled in all of Sayid’s blanks.

What I liked about the episode was the part with Ilana.  It’s nice to finally figure the character out a little.  And it’s great to find out that she’s dangerous.  I also enjoyed watching more scenes with Ben as a child.  He’s always an intriguing character, and seeing him being damaged by his experiences and his upbringing was fun (I’m having flashes of Walt).

What I didn’t like about this episode was the fact that it centered on Sayid.  I think I’ve come to hate the character more and more as time went on.  Last season I was desperately hoping that he would be the body in the coffin.  I was wrong and I was disappointed.  It’s not that the character is useless, that’s my usual reason for wanting people to die, he’s very useful.  Sayid just annoys me with his purposes, he’s never part of the team and he’s always doing the “right thing” and it’s never what I want to happen.  If he was evil I would find him interesting, but he’s not he’s just eternally conflicted but still doing the wrong thing.

I also didn’t like the fact that no one fully addressed the obvious tension in the Love Square (it’s not a quadrangle, it’s a sqaure).  They kinda started to talk about it, but it didn’t get too far.  I also really didn’t like the “He” in “He’s Our You’.  That guy was disappointing.

So what do I give a season 5 Sayid episode?  4.0/10.0

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Good vs. Evil – Christian Shepard


I’m sure that Christian is one of the most important recurring characters on Lost.  He’s been around since the beginning and he’s been involved in some of the craziest storylines.  I want to look at his life, his post-life life, his role and his motives.

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The Woman With Christian


I apologize that I didn’t mention this earlier.  (I also apologize for this picture, it doesn’t really show much, you have to watch it in action to see it fully.  Here’s a handy YouTube video.)

The Lost community has been abuzz with the sighting of a woman behind Sun!  Frankly I thought it was a goof when I first saw it.  I thought it was just a random crew member.  But it’s become quite apparent that that isn’t true.

So I wanted to talk about it before it became old news.  (It’s kinda embarrassing that the thing I focused on in that scene was Christian’s flashlight.)

Ironically I don’t have much to say about this.  I think it’s Claire.  My friends think it’s Charlotte.  (I think that either way it’s a stand-in and not the actual actresses.)  If it’s Claire it makes perfect sense, she would obviously be with Christian, that’s her new job.  But if my friends are right and it’s Charlotte then that could be very interesting.  What if Charlotte inexplicably joined the ranks of the undead?  That’d be fun.

Honestly that’s all I have to say about it.  Does anyone else have anything more interesting to say?

– izi


509 – Namaste



We’re back, with a bang.  The episode started off from Frank’s perspective, we got to see the plane crash land on The Others’ handy little landing strip.  It wasn’t nearly as catastrophic as the 815 crash, fortunately.  That “modern” storyline focused on Sun.  She conned Ben (for no reason) and made it to NewOtherton with Frank.  She met Christian there and he told her that Jin was stuck in 1977 with Jack, Hurley and Kate.  This explains what happened to Frank after the plane crashed but it raises a huge question: Why didn’t Sun get flashed into the 70s?

Meanwhile in 1977 Sawyer scrambles and saves the day.  He successfully sneaks Kate, Jack and Hurley into “Dharmaville” with the new recruits.  Unfortunately Sayid acts too much like a Hostile and is now a prisoner. Sawyer establishes himself as a very good leader and does a great job at showing Jack that.  There’s also a slight focus on Jin searching the island for the plane hoping to find Sun.

114970_075Some of the more interesting tidbits in this episode:

  • Daniel, apparently, left
  • Pierre is around the Barracks and is acting normally
  • We met Radzinsky
  • Ben is still a little boy and is currently obsessed with the Hostiles
  • Smokey showed up (maybe)
  • We heard the Whispers
  • Horace’s baby is Ethan.

That’s a mighty good list of interesting things.  This episode mostly focused on the reunion of the two groups.  It had a little bit of Christian and a few teases for some other episodes, Daniel, Ethan, Ben;  all in all it was satisfying.  I prefer episodes with more mythological development (as if you don’t know that) but I can’t discount the episode completely.  7.5/10.0 

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509 Ratings

Here are the Nielsen ratings for the last episode of Lost:

509 -Namaste

9.08  million viewers

4.2/10  18-49 viewers

As usual Lost went down slightly against American Idol.

On a side note, last week I asked if anyone was going to watch Better Off Ted.  I think it’s safe to say that none of you did.  They got pretty awful ratings and even I “forgot” to watch it (I was playing Halo instead).

– izi

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