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Post 602, 602 thoughts and theories

OK.  So I’ve given it a lot of thought and I’ve gone back and forth with many of you in the comments all the while forming new theories.  So here goes nothing.

New Theory About Dying

I’d like to put forth this theory: once characters die in one of the timelines they become aware of the other timeline. This would explain Charlie thinking that he had to die and also Juliet knowing that “it worked”.  It doesn’t really explain what happened to Sayid.  I tend to think that possibly he died in the non-Island timelines, but that seems kinda crazy (maybe Arzt killed him in some sort of racially motivated rage, you saw that look he gave him).

Sub theory.  I know I already said that this would explain Charlie thinking he had to die, but I might change that.  In 2004 he isn’t dead.  So it’ll take a while before he dies and his consciouses merge.  The first person to die will be The Marshall, and then Boone soon after.  This could be fun if I’m right.  (I doubt the redshirts dying will make a difference to my theory.)

Who’s Alive and Where

This is just a list of the people off the Island who are likely dead or alive.  And just so you know, I’m staying spoiler free this year.  So I know there are a lot of rumours going around about who’s coming back and who isn’t but let’s not post those items here.

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Better Season 6 poster

Way back at Comic-Con the Season 6 poster was blurrily revealed.  It’s a picture of all the main characters of Lost standing in a row with Locke in the center.  There was a some confusion and debate about who exactly was in the poster.  Well we now have a better quality version of that same poster.  It’s still not good quality, but we can see who all the characters are.

So here it is:

Season 6 poster 02

From DarkUFO.

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Lost Comic-Con 2009 Videos

If one wants to remain completely untainted by spoilers of Season 6, official or otherwise, then don’t read ahead.


The Comic-Con 09 panel was posted on Saturday.  Here are the other official videos that were shown at Comic-Con.

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314 – Expose



This episode is too awesome.  The suspense and mixed emotions are just too good.  The episode was equal parts funny and suspenseful.  If in the end your heart wasn’t beating a mile a minute, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you.  I admit that I liked Nikki and Paulo, but I don’t think you have to like these characters to feel the way I did when Nikki’s eyes opened right before she was buried alive.

The writers talk directly to the fans in this episode.  They killed these episodes because we, the fan base, asked us to.  There are a lot of other parts of this episode where it seems like they are making fun of themselves, and sometimes us.  The entire episode was kind a “be careful what you wish for” type thing.  The fans wanted blood and the writers gave it to them.  In any other show, reviled characters like Nikki and Paulo would have just disappeared, but in Lost it’s a huge event.

9.0/.10.0  I could have given it a 10, but there wasn’t actually any mythology in it, so I had to lower it slightly.

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305 – The Cost of Living



So Eko died, I have to say that I wanted him to die by this point in the show.  He’s a great character, but I was more that happy with just one mystic, Locke.  Also I had grown tired of Eko’s unnecessarily cryptic speeches and the fact that he never liked to include others in his escapades, in a ensemble show like Lost camradery is necessary and welcome.  His flashback in his episode isn’t anything special, I find it hard to differentiate it with other Eko flashbacks.

But there were some very good developments in this episode.  Locke went back into The Pearl and with Nikki’s help he got to see a glimpse of Mikhail.  Meanwhile on Alcatraz, Jack told Ben that he knew what was going on, Ben told Jack that he intended to “break him”, and Juliet told Jack that she wanted to organize a coup and kill Ben.  Also, we got to see Smokey in action, and possibly we saw Jacob judging Eko (possibly).


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303 – Further Instructions


A Locke episode, usually that means we’re going to get a stellar flashback.  This time it wasn’t so good.  I do value this flashback, but only because it gives us a glimpse at a moderately happy memory for poor John Locke.

On the island we see the four people who were in the Hatch and what happened to them a day after the implosion.  Locke woke up mute and needed to confer with the island.  Eko was taken by the polar bears.  Charlie was seen in the season 2 finale, but he ran around in this episode too, pretending that he’s important.  And Desmond came back naked and with the ability to see the future.

We also saw Paulo and Nicki for the first time, and saw into the polar bear caves.  All good fun.

In all a pretty enlightening episode, even if it lacked the usual Locke-episode shine.  It lacks the memorableness that some of the other Locke episodes have, but it was still good.  8.0/10.0

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