Post 602, 602 thoughts and theories

OK.  So I’ve given it a lot of thought and I’ve gone back and forth with many of you in the comments all the while forming new theories.  So here goes nothing.

New Theory About Dying

I’d like to put forth this theory: once characters die in one of the timelines they become aware of the other timeline. This would explain Charlie thinking that he had to die and also Juliet knowing that “it worked”.  It doesn’t really explain what happened to Sayid.  I tend to think that possibly he died in the non-Island timelines, but that seems kinda crazy (maybe Arzt killed him in some sort of racially motivated rage, you saw that look he gave him).

Sub theory.  I know I already said that this would explain Charlie thinking he had to die, but I might change that.  In 2004 he isn’t dead.  So it’ll take a while before he dies and his consciouses merge.  The first person to die will be The Marshall, and then Boone soon after.  This could be fun if I’m right.  (I doubt the redshirts dying will make a difference to my theory.)

Who’s Alive and Where

This is just a list of the people off the Island who are likely dead or alive.  And just so you know, I’m staying spoiler free this year.  So I know there are a lot of rumours going around about who’s coming back and who isn’t but let’s not post those items here.


People are making a big deal about Sayid.  I don’t think this situation is as special as it seems.  I doubt that he’s been possessed by Jacob or Charlie or anyone else.  I think he’s still Sayid, but I do think that it’s possible that he might be Sayid from the other timeline.

But if that doesn’t work then I tend to think that he was just healed slowly.  It wouldn’t be the first time that a character was incorrectly presumed dead.


I’m very sorry to say that I don’t see how Daniel can be alive off the Island.  As far as we know Eloise was pregnant when Jughead blew and the Island sank (or whatever).  Unless Richard was extremely effective at “protecting his leader” then I figure both Ms. Hawking and Daniel died that day.

Charlotte & Miles

The good news is that both Charlotte and Miles made it off the Island before the bomb blew so they are probably living it up off the Island.


Unfortunately I doubt that Penny exists off the Island (and neither does Publicola).  Unless Widmore was sneaking off the Island before 1977 to father children then she probably isn’t alive.  But you never know.  If I had to guess I would assume that Penny is over 30 the last time we saw her, but Lost timelines are a little messy.  (Chris seems to think it’s possible for Penny to be alive, I hope he’s right.)

If Penny is alive then I’ll bet she’s with Desmond.  There’s no way those two won’t be together.  But if she is alive then my theory about Desmond is less likely.


This is a little delusional of me an not very likely but I would like to think that Desmond is so “uniquely special” that he will now become totally aware of both timelines and live between them.  That would mean that he went on Oceanic 815 for a reason.  He knew that everyone would be on that flight and he wanted to check up on them.  It’s a nice thought, but it thrusts Desmond into a very pivotal role.  And now that he’s just a recurring guest it might not be possible for him to be that important.

Cassidy & Clementine

Sawyer hasn’t met Clementine yet.  I think this might be his big chance.  I don’t think he’ll settle down with her, but he might contact them.  Sawyer’s getting pulled in a lot of directions at this point.


Juliet is definitely alive in the other timeline.  Publicola has a great theory about Juliet’s last words (not the “it worked ones” the “going Dutch” ones.)  That would be a great moment if those two could meet again.  Also it would be quite fulfilling to see Juliet living a good life off the Island.  I don’t want to see her get involved with any more drama again.  Although now that I think about it I have a hard time imagining pre-Island Sawyer getting along with pre-Island Juliet.  He was extremely hardcore back then and she was very innocent and naive.  On the Island they both gained a lot in common.

On the other hand, I could totally see Sawyer finding Juliet and finding her living a happy life and then just leaving her to continue that life.

Matthew Abaddon

Here’s someone I wouldn’t mind seeing again.  It’s unlikely, but it would be fun if he had a run-in with Locke.


I was belatedly surprised that Seth was the pilot of Oceanic 815 in the other timeline.  I would have thought that in another world Frank would be the pilot.

Ana Lucia

Surely she’ll be around.   Wouldn’t that be hilarious if she ended up with Jack?  I’m kidding, I’m kidding.


Just because we didn’t see people like Ana Lucia and Eko on the plane doesn’t mean they weren’t there.  An episode where we have two seconds with all the former stars would have been annoying.  I think we’ll be seeing people like Eko later.


If they’re smart the writers will wrap up Libby’s life and mystery.  And if they’re sentimental they’ll let her fall in love with Hurley.  He is really lucky now, you never know.


Dammit, Michael probably will come back. But not with Walt, that would be too weird.  They’ll probably just have Walt stay in Australia or something.

Nikki & Paulo

I would kill to see Nikki and Paulo again.  And I think they could do something funny with those two.  I doubt they’ll bother bringing them back for a gag, but I would enjoy it.


Now here’s an interesting one.  I really, really don’t think we’ll be seeing Locke’s Dad, Anthony Cooper, anytime soon.  You see, I think we may have already met Anthony in our main timeline.  That’s right, another theory where I misinterpret Ben’s line about the “Magic Box”.  Seriously though, in the back of your mind you’re agreeing with me.  It would be a fun way to explain how he got on the Island.  Note: I don’t actually know how he got on the Island, I’m just rambling.


On the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised if Locke did the right thing and got back together with Helen.


I really doubt Jacob will be in this other timeline.  I don’t know why, but that just doesn’t seem like a possibility.  And it’s not because the Island sank, it’s just that off the Island his influence would be so fleeting.  If he did come back I’m sure he would be totally aware of both timelines, but I still think he’s gone for good.


Do I have to say it again?  I want Walt to come back to the Island.

Widmore, Ms. Hawking, Ben

Now that you think about it, almost all of the villains were on the Island when it sank.  So the world is a pretty safe place.  I’m sorry for calling Ben a villain, but you have to admit he causes a lot of trouble.

Another New Theory about Dying

This is a pretty grim theory.  What if the course correcting thing is still in play and the end of the season will see a convergance of the stories.  That would mean that either we’ll have some doubled up characters (ex two Kate, two Jacks etc) ooooor these characters will have to die in one of the timelines.  So if Jack is going to live until the end of the season off the Island the Jack on the Island has to die before the season ends.  That would mean that all the character who died since the 815 crash will have a gold ticket off the Island.  They’ll be invincible.  It’s a really odd theory now that I think about it, but it sure would be fun.

– izi

2 Responses to “Post 602, 602 thoughts and theories”

  1. February 9, 2010 at 6:14 pm


    Jughead sinking the island
    While detonating Jughead set off the chain of events that resulted in the island being submerged, I don’t think that happened immediately after the bomb exploded. Detonating Jughead probably set off a chain of events that triggered whatever sunk the island. The best way to confirm that would be seeing an Other or a Dharma person in the 2004 bizzaro world, and I’m optimistic that we’ll see Ben in bizzaro world. He’s too popular a character to not have an even more convoluted backstory. 🙂 Of course, that just my ten cents and if my track record is correct, I’ll be proven wrong during the next episode. 😉

    At this point, anything is possible why my favorite torturer is back from the dead. Presumably the healing waters did it, but the dirty water means there are “complications”. Who knows? My only guess is that Alpert’s line in 1977 about losing one’s innocence, not remembering, etc. will apply to Sayid.

    Since I believe that Widmore & crew left the island before it was submerged, I think Penny is alive… and hopefully married to Desmond, given that he wore a wedding ring on flight 815 in the 2004 bizzaro world.

    I think his “uniqueness” means that he’ll become aware of the different timelines, perhaps by waking up in 2007 and realizing that the 2004 bizzaro world exists… just like what happened in Season 5. While he is only a guest star this season and not a regular, he’ll probably be in the background while the character drama/soap opera of the main characters play out, and then he’ll Suddenly-Appear-to-Mention-the-Important-Plot-Device, and then die or receed into the background. You know, just like Daniel did in Season 5.

    I also think Desmond will physically flash between both timelines, so one moment he is on the plane in bizzaro world, and the next he’s physically in 2007, and then he flashes back to bizzaro world…

    Cassidy & Clementine
    Wouldn’t it be surreal if bizzaro James Ford is actually living with Cassidy & Clementine in a normal life, but working for law enforcement as an undercover agent who tracks down people like Anthony Cooper and other con men? Given Juliet’s line about going for coffee, odds are against it.

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