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507 Ratings

Here are the Nielsen ratings for the last episode of Lost:

507 – The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

9.82  million viewers

4.4/11  18-49 viewers

I see a trend, every second episode gets less than ratings.  Not coincidentally every second episode is a mythologically driven episode.  That’s been the formula since season 4.  So the general public doesn’t seem to approve of the mythological episodes.  How sad.

– izi


507 – The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham



That’s more like it.  It’s much better to raise my expectations before I watch Lost, then my mind isn’t blown on a weekly basis.

Locke took the tour of the off-island world in this episode.  It turns out that from his perspective… things suck.  No one listened to what he said, and most of them seemed to have quite awful things to say back.  Locke did talk to two possibly empathetic people Charles Widmore and Ben Linus.  Of course they could both be evil and in the end Ben did kill Locke, but that’s beside the point.  The point is that Widmore and Ben had more important things to say than any of the Oceanic 6.

On the island, in ‘modern time’ Locke, Ilana, Caesar and Ben landed the plane on Alcatraz (it turns out that airstrip did have a use).  Caesar is collecting guns and info from Dharma and Ilana is being suspicious.  Ben is injured and healing, and most importantly Locke is “alive”.  Ms. Widmore’s plan worked and Locke was successfully resurrected.

This episode was satisfying.  At the last finale we were told all about Jeremy Bentham, almost all the Oceanic 6 characters had something to say about him, mostly bad things.  The mystery surrounding Locke off the island was intense.  We finally found out what happened.  I can’t say that it was thrilling, not a 10.  It was definitely satisfying and very necessary but it wasn’t exciting.  It might just be that I like new mysteries more than old ones.


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The Adventures of Locke


It’s pretty well known that the upcoming episode of Lost is called "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham", so I’m looking forward to a fun little episode where we get to see exactly what Locke did after he turned the Frozen Donkey Wheel.  For the last two episodes my expectations have been unnecessarily low.  For some reason I haven’t been expecting the volume of info and story that they’ve been throwing into the show.  So this is how I’m trying ot combat that, I’m going to try to raise my expectations extremely high by guessing what’s going to happen in this episode.

There are some known adventures that Locke has to go on, I would be surprised if Locke visits all of these people, but I’ll hope that he does.


322-jack-bridge-01Out of all of these people, Locke’s visit to Jack was the most successful.  In the last episode we saw Jack completely turn into a Man of Faith.  That was due to a visit from Locke.  What confuses me is Locke’s suicide note.  When we see Jack after his visit from Locke he is suicidal himself, and he’s very intent on returning to the island.  But in his note Locke says, "Jack, I wish you had believed me."  That must be a reference to their last meeting.  So what was Jack’s reaction to Locke?  It’s not hard to believe that Jack had a less than friendly reaction to Locke’s idea, but then what changed his mind?  It will be interesting to find out.


322-kate-01After Locke visited Kate she believed that he was crazy.  She heard that he wanted them all to go back and she dismissed it as insanity.  That is a very harsh reaction from Kate.  Something must have spooked her.  Did Locke, perhaps, tell Kate that Claire was still alive on the island?  Did Kate want to avoid the island so that she didn’t have to give Aaron away (I sound like Rosie)?  It’s possible.

On the other hand, couldn’t Locke have just told her that Sawyer was there, and then she’s have a motivation to get back.  I’d say that piece of info would have a 50/50 chance of swaying her.

We’ll see what he tells her, and what state he’s in when he does meet with her.  There must have been other factors (besides the usual) which motivated her to say that he’s insane.


He kept his promise to Jin and didn’t tell Sun that he was alive, but he also didn’t give her Jin’s ring.  Something odd happened there.

Also, I’m going to assume that he tells her what Ben did down in the Orchid, when he stabbed Keamy and allowed the Freighter to blow up.


I could see how Hurley’s visit might be the most interesting.  Depending on his mental state, Hurley might assume that Locke is nothing more than an illusion or a ghost.  Either way Locke’s visit didn’t seem to effect Hurley much.  He didn’t seem to want to go back to the island before or after the visit.


409-ben-05I kinda thought that Ben killed Locke.  When he showed up at the funeral home it just seemed too convenient.  But now we hear that it was a suicide… hmm, more on that later.

I really want Locke to talk to Ben about Jacob and Christian.  I still believe that Ben knows nothing about Christian and his plans might change drastically if he did know.  Then again, Ms. Hawking knows about Christian, perhaps she’s keeping it from Ben.  Either way I’m especially looking forward to that meeting.


Most importantly, I want to see Walt.  I was so sure that this jump forward in time was just a clever way to bring Walt back into the show and back to the Island.  But unless he was in the Tail Section he probably wasn’t on the plane (I might turn that into a theory, just to keep my hope alive). 

We know for sure that Locke went to see Walt.  Was that just to be nice?  Or did he give him some instructions?  I hope that Locke wanted Walt to go back to the island.  Locke did probably tell Walt that people were left behind on the island.  He might have told him that Michael was still alive, or he might not have.  During Walt’s scene in the finale of season 4 he talks about his dad as if he’s alive, but that could have been a test to see if Hurley was lying.


506-sayid-ilana-01There’s a chance that Locke didn’t even talk to Sayid.  I’d like to think that he did though, it would explain Sayid’s sudden mistrust of Ben.

Ilana or Caesar

There’s no proof of this, I’m just extrapolating.  Perhaps Locke met them on his adventures and told them of the wonderful world of… The Island (I suddenly realized how odd it is that The Island doesn’t have a name).  Maybe they were agents of his, I don’t believe that they are on Ben’s side.  I also want to see more of these characters.

119-emily-01Emily (Locke’s Mom)

It would be great to see Swoosie Kurtz again.  I’m always torn between disgust and intrigue when she’s onscreen, it’s kinda like when Bilbo hisses at Frodo in The Fellowship of the Ring, you can’t look away from his face, but you don’t really enjoy it.  I would be surprised if she was still alive though.


203-helen-01Again this is almost more for the actress than the character, less so this time.  I loved it when Locke was with Helen, they were perfect together (except for the lies).  We know that she must have read his obituary, that was her favorite part of the paper.  But the odds that she recognized that Jeremy Bentham was Locke is highly unlikely.  I kinda want them together, but it would have a sad ending, so maybe not.

Ms. Hawking

409-mr-whidmore-01She seemed very well acquainted with him when she told Jack to get him some new shoes, perhaps they had a relationship.  She might have given him a plan to tell to the Oceanic 6 (not likely).

Mr. Widmore

Widmore might have tried to get to Locke, perhaps to align him against Ben.  That wouldn’t be the worst plan in the world.  Other than that I can’t imagine what they’d talk about.  Maybe they’d reminisce about how Locke didn’t shoot him, ah the good ol’ days.

411-abbadon-01Matthew Abaddon

Ah yes, Lost’s second infinitely mysterious black character.  It would be great to see Locke pay Mr. Abaddon back for that advice he gave him so many years ago.  But I doubt that the actor would be able to come on the show, he’s got a full time job now on Fringe.

Locke’s Suicide

This doesn’t really fit in with this list but I wanted to talk about it.  Locke supposedly commits suicide, so here’s the question of the day, why? 

505-locke-frozen-donkey-wheel-02The most obvious reason, to me, would be because he’s depressed that he can’t convince the Oceanic 6 to go back to the island.  Another reason for that kind of depression would be that he can’t get back either.  The Island was the only place on the Earth where Locke was happy, and he had to leave.  That would have been saddening.

But I don’t think that’s the real reason.  I think the reason why he killed himself was to speed things along.  Richard told him that he had to die, Christian told him the same thing.  Those two are Locke’s most trusted advisor (right up there with everyone else in the world).  He knew it had to happen, he wasn’t getting killed, so he decided to hurry things along.  And it worked.  It was Locke’s obituary that pushed Jack into his present course as a Man of Faith.

Well we’ll see.

– izi


Hijack: The 2009 Oscar Nominations

Here’s the list of the Oscar nominations for tomorrow night.  I’m bolding the winners that I would like to see.  In case you don’t want to read it all, here’s a overview: I want The Curious Case of Benjamin Button to win everything, I know it won’t (it might not win anything) but that’s what I want.

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506 Ratings

Here are the Nielsen ratings for the last episode of Lost:

506 – 316

11.27  million viewers

5.1/13  18-49 viewers

Uh.. these numbers went up almost 2 million viewers!  That is shocking.  Do people really want to watch Jack episodes that much?  I guess next week we’ll see how many people care about Locke episodes.

In case you’re new to the wonderful world of Nielsen ratings here’s my least favorite thing about it: Marc Berman, he’s the guy who seems to supply the numbers to all the sites on the Internet.  He runs the site PiFeedback.  I really appreciate that he is giving us these numbers free of charge, but he is so negative.  I’ve been reading his posts for 6 or 7 years now and It’s driving me crazy.  Without fail he calls down the shows I like, he’s been calling for the cancellation of ER forever, and anytime a show performs slightly lower than last year he says that the show is failing, or weak, or dying.  It’s so annoying and if he didn’t have a monopoly on the Nielsen ratings I doubt anyone would put up with it. 

Luckily there are sites who take his data and rewrite it without his commentary.  My favorite is TV By the Numbers.  They use graphs (revolutionary!) and they have good taste.  In fact they even wrote a very encouraging article regarding Lost’s ratings.  Check it out here, it’s a happy read.

– izi


506 – 316



Why are my expectations so low these days?  The most I hoped to get from this episode was a cryptic speech from Ms. Hawking.  Then that “46 hours earlier” thing blew my mind.  Suddenly things really sped up.

OK, I need to calm down a little.  First I should say, I haven’t been enjoying the Oceanic 6 this year.  It looked like they were going to drag out their deliberations for ever.  Will they go to the island?  Will they change their mind?  It was maddening.  I was slightly wary of Ms. Hawking getting involved, I figures she wouldn’t actually be able to do anything to fix things.  And after last weeks fast-pace rollercoaster I couldn’t imagine that they’d be able to match that kind of craziness.  But I was wrong.

They went back.  Just like that, they’re (almost) all back.   And they brought some new friends!  I love new characters, and one these characters is especially welcome.  The only people missing were the children.  Aaron and Ji Yeon were left behind.  I’m unhappy that Walt was left behind too, but I still hold out hope that that may be amended.

This episode was jam packed full of info from Ms. Hawking, she explained some basic island functions and we got to see a new Dharma station, possibly the original Dharma station.

Aaand we saw Jack fully change from a “man of science” into a “man of faith”.  I actually found that very interesting, here’s hoping that Jack manages to hold my attention.

The only real problem that I had with the episode was Jack’s grandpa, I don’t know why we cared about that.  It really stalled the episode.  But I can overlook that.

9.0/10.0 for blowing me away again, I’ll try to raise my expectations for upcoming episodes.

(This episode’s name could easily confuse me.)

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505 Ratings

Here are the Nielsen ratings for the last episode of Lost:

505 – This Place is Death

9.76  million viewers

4.4/10  18-49 viewers

The numbers are slightly down from last week, looks like a trend.

I know that the show isn’t going to get cancelled any time soon but it still hurts me to see the numbers decline.  I’ve always known that this is a sci0fi show, that’s what I’ve loved about it.  So now that it is so overtly science-fiction I’m thrilled.  But it feels like the general public isn’t so happy about it.  Devin Faraci, a writer at CHUD, is a good example.  He wrote this article recently regarding the change in focus this season.  It doesn’t look too good. 

– izi

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