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Season 6 Character Promos

Here are all the promotional pictures of the cast for Season 6.  These include some beautiful shots of some truly terrible backdrops.  Enjoy!




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Claire Who?

After staring at the Last Supper picture for hours a dawning realization came upon me. Claire’s back! I’ve never been a Claire fan, she’s just so dull. I think the writers realized how dull she was because they kept her away for a full season (an enjoyable absence). I knew she was coming back this season, everyone has been saying that since the end of Season 4. But to actually have her back is another matter. It’s very odd, and it’s forced me to wonder what she’s been doing for the last three years.

Oh yeah, that’s right, she’s been in the jungle for three years. There’s actually been a commercial with a new scene with Claire in it. She’s got a gun! Shocking stuff, a Lost character pointing a gun in a jungle, whew. I’m almost overwhelmed with the info. Sarcasm aside, it was a wake-up call. Even if the scene was a red herring (I think it was) it’s still weird to see her again.

I know I’m not alone in thinking that Claire was dead-ish. The whole exploding house/lack of emotions/hanging out with other dead people/teleporting off the Island thing was a tip off. But I don’t think that necessarily means that time has stopped flowing for her.

She may have flashed through time with Sawyer, Juliet and everyone else. That would kinda mean that she’s alive. If that’s true then she probably has a very interesting story to tell. I can’t imagine what she went through during all those flashes. This seems unlikely, but we’ll see. Maybe she joined up with The Hostiles/Others. That would be fun, although extremely unlikely.

I think it’s more likely that she’s stuck in normal time with The Others and Christian (I don’t actually know what’s happening with Christian, he appeared to Locke under the Orchid once, and he seems totally aware of what happened to everyone in the 70s, it’s weird). That makes her time on the Island a lot more boring, but it might explain how she appeared to Kate in 2007 off the Island. (It doesn’t actually explain how she teleported off the Island, but it does explain the 2007 thing.)

I’m almost looking forward to seeing Claire again. I hope she gets a full episode, like Michael or Locke, so we can see her flashback from beginning to end.

But as usual I’m assuming a lot. Who know what’s going to happen in Season 6. For all I know Claire might not remember a thing. Maybe she’ll be pregnant again…with Aaron.

– izi


Exploded Swan

Now that I’m almost completely out of time I thought I’d float out a new thought. I was rewatching the Season 5 premiere again and I noticed something interesting. Sawyer, Juliet, Daniel, Miles and Charlotte go for a jaunt into the jungle. They go searching for The Swan to verify what year it is (a useless idea since they have a flash once before they get there and another while they’re leaving). Through Locke’s story we know that at the point when they get to the Swan it is 2007, after Ajira crashes on the Island. Richard met him in that episode under “Locke”‘s direction. What caught my eye was the condition of The Swan.

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Blog Policies

Site policies:

So as the new episodes start to come out and I kick up the blogging a few notches I thought I’d review some of my policies for you new readers.

No Spoilers

If you have information about upcoming episodes, about casting, about anything that you shouldn’t know about then please don’t talk about it here.  There are many places where people do appreciate that kind of thing, but not here.
I’m sorry if I’ve ever spoiled something for you, I’ll try to do hold back from now on.

No “Next Time on Lost”

I’ve decided this year that I’m not going to watch the “Next Time on Lost” sneak peek at the end of every episode.  Last season it really started to annoy me.  On some episodes like Whatever Happened, Happened it completely ruined the cliffhanger.  So let’s just stop watching those scenes.  And if you do then just try to avoid talking about those scenes on this site.  Same goes for commercials about Lost.  We can’t always avoid them, but let’s not theorize about them a lot.

– izi


New Header

Just in time for Season 6 I’ve created a new header.  I still can’t force myself to change the theme but I do kinda like creating these headers (although I don’t really know what I’m doing and it takes me weeks to create these things).  WordPress does have some great themes that I would love to switch to, but this is the only one that I find goes well with Lost.

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One Week Left

Seven more days.


The Third Lost Last Supper

I wouldn’t mind a new poster for season 3, but apparently that’s not happening.  Instead we have another version of The Last Supper.  This one is more significant, instead of staring at Locke or staring at the camera, the characters are all doing their own thing.  (Also, I’m quite thankful that this promo was obviously a real picture instead of a air-brushed composite of separate character pictures like last seasons cast picture and this seasons teaser poster.)

I found this picture on pretty much every important Lost blog: DarkUFO, DocArzt,

This requires some analysis.  So here goes.

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